I Choose Life Foundation

Wednesday nights just got wild!

Wednesday night is our drop in night where anyone is welcome to join us in a safe place to talk or to just be. The group has created a sense of belonging and support each other with their challenges be they mental or physical. The activities we do on these nights gives everyone a sense of purpose, a reason to go.

During these sessions we get out and about as much as possible and not always depending on the weather! These are just some of the activities we have done this year: wild swimming, paddle boarding, walking, star gazing, watching the sun rise, camp fires.

Sometimes we run group activities on a Sunday as well so we can go on longer walks and explore more about how we can thrive in our lives.

This service is free (other than any person costs incurred – parking, lunches, kit etc)  however we do ask that you donate or fundraise with your own event or take part in one of our fundraisers to help us cover our costs so we can continue to be here for you and others who need our support.

If you are interested in joining us please email info@ichooselifefoundation.com and we can tell you more about what we are doing at the moment.

Why not join us at Wild Wednesdays Drop In:

Sense of achievement, well-being, calm, happiness and relaxation. Reduces feelings of anger, fear and stress. Reduces blood pressure, heart rates and the stress hormones. 

Generally brings a renewed sense of being and connection to self, others and the world.

COVID-19 We are supporting people with their mental wellbeing through this difficult time whilst adhering to the governments latest guidelines.

Note: We are not a substitute for medical treatment or support. If you feel you can not cope or even thinking about suicide please click here >>